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As a pioneer of foam processing, we process now over 120 different foams, certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO / TS 16949

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At PANA we manufacture customised articles to order from more than 120 types of foam: Whether it is foam spacers, kiss-cut die-cuttings made of foam, sealing strip, stop buffers or filters you need – we can manufacture them for all your applications!

The following list shows the material groups and a selection of the materials that we process. Many overlap or complement each other, but this is by no means our complete range of materials. We manufacture foam to order from all these materials and also can also provide foams from outside of the standard range.

Overview of materials

PE (polyethylene foam): Chemically and physically crosslinked PE, uncrosslinked, extruded, EVA types, HD/LD types, cell polyethylenes, foam foils, profiles

PUR (polyurethane foam): PUR ethers, cold foams (HR, CMHR), sponge types, coloured foams,filter foams, recycled foams, PUR esters, prepolymer foam, visco-elastic foam (memory), impregnated foam, napped foam, thermally embossed foam and integral skin foam

Laminated types: melamine resin foam with aluminium lamination, PE foam (crosslinked) laminated with magnetic foil, PE foam (uncrosslinked) laminated with corrugated board, PE foam (uncrosslinked) laminated with various relative densities

Cellular rubber: NR (natural rubber), CR (chloroprene rubber), EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber), NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber), SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), mixed or blended rubber types (EPDM-CR. ..), semi-closed cell EPDM, EVM rubber (UL-94 HF1)

Special types: Sponge rubber, microcellular rubber, latex foam, melamine resin foam, Basotect, viscose foam, PVC foam, co-polymer foam, electrically conductive/antistatic foam, PANA Elasturane, PP foam (polypropylene foam),flame retardant foams and static dissipative foams, nylon foam

Photos: © PANA Foamtec GmbH, Hartmut Pöstges

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